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JavaScript is an interpreted language developed by Netscape. The Microsoft variant is often called JScript. Despite similar names, JavaScript has practically nothing to do with Java except that JavaScript, too, is executed on the surfer's computer. The standards organisation ECMA has proposed a standard called ECMA script , which is supported by all current browsers. For JavaScript there are a number of applications, ranging from mere gadgets to useful complements for Web pages. The most common usage scenarios are menus, the "mouse-over effect" and "hover buttons" to swap images by simply moving over the images with the cursor.

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Many sites use JavaScript to recognize browsers in order to avoid browser incompatibilities or to allow for a more comfortable navigation. If several popup windows open automatically when visiting a page, JavaScript is involved in most of the cases. Basically, it is very simple to paralyse a computer by opening hundreds of additional windows (this link will only open one window.) Most known security holes in Web browsers are closely linked to JavaScript. Even if it is not the main bug, it is often necessary to exploit a security hole. JavaScript can be enabled or disabled on all browsers, independently of Java.


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