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Why are we telling you about cookies?

The UK Government has implemented the EU directive on tracking and in its guidelines it asks sites to ensure they inform users how they may be tracked on a site and what cookies are being set in their browser. Continued use of The H is regarded as implied consent for the site to set these cookies. We also set a non-tracking cookie on your computer to prevent the cookie information notice from showing on your future visits.

The H's own cookies

The following table lists the cookies that The H directly sets and describes how they are used.

seen_cookie_warning This cookie determines whether you have already seen the warning popup about cookies. It does not identify the user in any way.
This cookie is used to remember you when you log in to our site, allowing you to comment on stories. As such, it necessarily identifies you personally.

Users who are not logged in (or have logged out) do not receive this cookie.
accept_cookies This cookie is used to determine whether a given user agent (browser) accepts cookies at all. It does not identify individual users in any way.
forum_settings This cookie stores settings and preferences in the forums, such as which comment threads have been unfolded. It is not used to identify or track any user.
search_properties This cookie stores settings and preferences for the search, such as whether results should be sorted by relevance or by date. It is not used to identify or track any user.
Price Insight

The Price Insight service is in cooperation with Skinflint. As such, several cookies from Skinflint are used as coming from The H. More information on these cookies can be found in Skinflint's privacy policy .


This website uses etracker technology ( ) to collect data on visitor behavior. The data is collected anonymously for use in marketing and optimization. All visitor data is saved using an anonymous user ID and can be used to aggregate a usage profile. Cookies may be used for this purpose. Cookies are small text files that are stored in the visitor’s local browser cache. It is possible to use these cookies to recognize a visitor’s browser. The data collected by the etracker technology will not be used to determine the personal identity of a website visitor, and will not be compiled with personal data relating to the person referred to by the pseudonym, unless agreed to separately by the person concerned. A user may opt out of the collection and storage of data, at any time, by revoking future access.


The H uses DoubleClick to provide ads. Information can be found on Google's Advertising privacy FAQ .

Other Cookies

  • Secunia (Update Check)

  • YouTube and Vimeo (embedded videos)
    Both video services set their own cookies and do so whenever a video is embedded in a page.

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