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    The H is closing down

    The H logo The H is closing its doors four and a half years after heise online UK was redesigned as a open source and security news and features web destination more »

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    The Final H Roundup

    The H logo After four and a half years, The H, the site for open source news, security stories and developer details has ceased publication, and as part of the closing down, we review the top ten stories of its almost-half decade more »

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    The H is closing down

    The H logo The H is closing its doors four and a half years after heise online UK was redesigned as a open source and security news and features web destination more »

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    Comment: +1 for rapid releases

    Comment: +1 for rapid releases Over the last two years, Firefox has demonstrated that releasing new versions at a rapid tempo offers many advantages and doesn't reduce quality. Its approach could offer a blueprint for other projects, such as KDE more »

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    The H is closing down

    The H logo The H is closing its doors four and a half years after heise online UK was redesigned as a open source and security news and features web destination more »

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    Content Security Policy halts XSS in its tracks

    Content Security Policy halts XSS in its tracks Cross-site scripting (XSS) is one of the biggest problems faced by webmasters. The new Content Security Policy standard should finally provide some relief more »

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    The H is closing down

    The H logo The H is closing its doors four and a half years after heise online UK was redesigned as a open source and security news and features web destination more »

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    Java EE 7 at a glance

    Java EE 7 The next step for Java EE 6 was planned to be cloud support but the collapse of ambitious developer plans has meant Java EE 7 arrived with few fundamentally new aspects, representing more a consistent effort to round off existing features more »

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    Tuesday, 16 Jul 2013

    Hardware Hacks: Fire, alarms, touchable boards and NFC rings

    Hardware Hacks icon In this edition of The H's Hardware Hacks: A programmable NFC ring gets kickstarted, a touchscreen development board, an alarming Pi project and a Pi with real fire power more »

    GitHub gets smart over open source licences

    GitHub GitHub has taken steps to make it easier to set a licence on a new project and to select an open source licence following criticisms that it was making it too easy to leave unlicensed, copyright code in public more »

    Monday, 15 Jul 2013

    NSS 3.15.1 brings TLS 1.2 support to Firefox

    Closed padlock Network Security Services (NSS), the collection of cryptographic libraries which is used, among others, by Mozilla's Firefox browser, now supports TLS 1.2. This enables the use of TLS with HMAC-SHA256 ciphers more »

    Second Android signature attack disclosed

    Android two holes A second hole in Android's signature validation has been disclosed, though there are greater limitations to the new technique. Google and CyanogenMod have patched the holes but how other vendors will handle it is to be seen more »

    One month left for the EclipseCon Europe 2013 call for papers

    EclipseCon artwork The call for papers for EclipseCon Europe 2013, taking place in Ludwigsburg in October, will be open until 12 August. Interested users and developers can submit proposals for talks and tutorials on a number of topics more »

    "Linux for Workgroups": Linux 3.11's feature set now confirmed

    Linux for Workgroups boot logo Linux 3.11 will offer an improved Radeon driver, the Lustre cluster filesystem and Intel's Rapid Start Technology. Torvalds' chosen code name and a new logo allude to Windows for Workgroups 3.11 more »

    Linux Mint 15 Xfce edition released with Whisker Menu

    Linux Mint logo In the new version, the Whisker Menu replaces the standard Xfce application launcher. Like Linux Mint 14, the latest version of the distribution also uses Xfce 4.10 more »

    X successor Wayland 1.2 arrives

    X/Wayland icon The new version of the Linux graphics system offers a stable programming interface for display servers as well as colour management and multi-seat support; it also runs on the Raspberry Pi more »

    Maintenance of Apache web server 2.0 discontinued

    Apache feather Version 2.0.65 will be the last update to Apache's HTTP Server 2.0. Those who still use it must act now: a security problem will remain unresolved more »

    Saturday, 13 Jul 2013

    The H Roundup - Hardware destruction and open source creations

    The H Roundup logo In the week ending 13 July - Hardware destruction, OS switcharound, Open Source laptops, Android code-signing holes, shiny new Chrome, vulnerability custody fights, language surveys and zombie backdoors more »

    Friday, 12 Jul 2013

    GNOME 3.10 beta gets new photo display tool

    GNOME logo The new Photos program in GNOME is, like many smartphone photo apps, able to display both local and online photos and load local photos to the cloud more »

    Developer Break: Nokla Imaging, Perforce, QML, REST, AWS SDKs

    Developer Break In this edition: Nokia Imaging, Perforce betas, QML for WebApps, REST for C++, Amazon SDKs and a blog about D more »

    Verizon connects with Ubuntu for phones carrier group

    Ubuntu for phones Verizon is the latest member of Canonical's Carrier Advisory Group. Canonical has also clarified launch plans, saying only two CAG members will be involved in the initial launch more »

    Firefox OS simulator can now simulate app purchases

    Firefox OS icon Now developers can test how their apps work with receipts from the Mozilla Marketplace, making life easier for those who want to make some money from their HTML5 web applications more »

    Thursday, 11 Jul 2013

    New licences for Wakanda 5

    Wakanda logo Along with a reworked licensing model for the JavaScript platform, the company behind Wakanda, 4D, has added new interface widgets, CSS themes, and features for improved session and permissions management more »

    Spring Tool Suite and Groovy Tool Suite go 3.3.0 for Kepler

    SpringSource logo The SpringSource tool suites are updated for Eclipse Kepler and enhanced with quick search, curated preferences, Spring 4 and Grails 2.3 readiness, fresh components and better memory usage and performance more »

    Akka 2.2 hardens clustering, previews channel typing

    Akka logo The developers have managed to extend the previous version's experimental cluster support, which has now become an official feature. "Coltrane" also offers a preview of Typed Channels more »

    Red Hat OpenStack products now available

    Red Hat logo The Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform bundles, which are built on OpenStack Grizzly, have now become available more »

    Riak 1.4 can count on the cluster

    Riak logo Distributed counters and better storage formats are among the enhancements in the Riak NoSQL key/value distributed database. There are also improvements in multi-datacentre support and in secondary indexing more »

    $4 million in prize money for more Tizen apps

    Tizen logo Intel, Samsung and the Linux Foundation have together announced the "Tizen App Challenge" to promote the development of apps for the Tizen mobile operating system. The development contest offers prizes of up to $200,000 more »

    Undertow is the new webserver for WildFly

    WildFly logo The next version of Wildfly will include Undertow, a new, performant and non-blocking web server. WildFly is the new name that's been given to the JBoss application server to distinguish it from Red Hat's middleware products more »

    Wednesday, 10 Jul 2013

    Bluebox releases scanner for Android signing hole

    Android bot security icon Now users can check if their Android device is vulnerable to the signing flaw which has been called a "master key" to the mobile operating system by the authors of the scanner, who also reported the flaw to Google more »

    Chrome 28 with new Blink engine and Rich Notifications

    Google Chrome logo Google's Chrome 28 browser is the first to use the new Blink engine, which is designed to offer faster page loading. Also new is a notification feature that even informs users when Chrome isn't running more »

    Secunia vs VLC - Whose vulnerability is it anyway?

    VLC logo A dispute that has culminated in blog posts and messages on Reddit is raging between Secunia and VLC. The developers and the security firm have had differing views on an advisory since December 2012 more »

    Could there be new KDE versions every 3 months?

    KDE icon A proposal under discussion by the KDE developers looks to move to a three-monthly release cycle, but, despite constructive discussions, openSUSE packagers are against the idea because it will increase their workload more »

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