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13 September 2011, 14:56

CSI Internet Eye HQ 2

CSI:Internet HQ - Series 2

In our "CSI:Internet" series, experts examine suspicious files using every trick in the book. Watch over their shoulders as they track down malware – because all of this really could have happened. All of the malware samples shown in CSI:Internet have been used in real attacks and have been analysed using various methods, including those described in each episode. The accompanying narratives are inspired by real incidents.

Series 2 episodes published to date:

CSI S02E01 Episode 1: Living in SYN
If a commercial online RPG's forum is taken down, it should set alarm bells ringing. Once the server is back up and running, it's time to set about tracking down the perpetrators.

CSI S02E02 Episode 2: Controlled from the beyond
When the boss's computer opens confidential emails remotely as if haunted, it is time to call the ghost busters or, even better, a professional forensic IT investigator.

CSIS02E03 Episode 3: A trip into RAM
An online banking trojan has penetrated the system deeply, but a memory analysis still finds it.

CSIS02E04 Episode 4: Open heart surgery
The TDL4 rootkit is currently the most technically sophisticated piece of malware in existence. Our expert takes it apart piece by piece.

For links to articles in the first series please refer to our CSI:Internet HQ Series 1 page.

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