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01 June 2010, 09:55

The H Community Calendar - June 2010

Selected events coming up in the UK in June

The H Community Calendar presents the coming month's events in the UK's various open source, development, Linux, Unix and other communities, from multi-day conferences to user group get-togethers.

If you are an event organiser, let The H know about your event by sending us a mail at, or if you Twitter add the #thehcc tag to your tweeted announcement.

Note: Unless stated, events listed take place in the evening.

June 9 - Scala - London EC1V

Who: London Scala Users Group (LSUG)

What: Meet the Inventor of Scala: Martin Odersky - To coincide with the Scala Course that is being held at Skills Matters on June 9/10, Martin Odersky, creator of the Scala language, is to give a special talk for LSUG, and all Scala enthusiasts in London on June 9.

Cost: Free/Pre-register

June 9 - Linux - Reading

Who: SCLUG Silicon Corridor Linux User Group

What: Informal meeting

Cost: Free

June 10-11 - Erlang - London

Who: Erlang Solutions

What: Erlang Factory London 2010 - Two day conference with six tracks and 35 talks around the Erlang language. Preceded by Erlang University, June 7-9, with courses for developers new to Erlang, experience Erlang developers and a web programmers using Erlang.

Cost: £550+vat for conference, £1250+vat for conference+university (Student rates of £250 and £550) (Registration)

June 14 - Ruby - London

Who: LRUG (London Ruby User Group)

What: "My First Ruby" and "UNIX: Rediscovering the wheel" - Murray Steele discusses his first (pre-Rails) Ruby program and how Ruby has developed and John Leach looks at UNIX, the lessons Ruby should learn from it and tools that solve common problems.

Cost: Free/(Pre-register)

June 15 - Google App Engine - London

Who: London App Engine Meetup

What: Inaugural meeting to discuss and share experiences of Google's App Engine

Cost: Free/Register on

June 17 - Android - London EC1V

Who: London Android User Group

What: Security, OAuth and Android.

Cost: Free/(Pre-register)

June 18 - MongoDB - London EC1V

Who: 10Gen and Skills Matter

What: MongoUK - a one day conference on the NoSQL database MongoDB, with three tracks, Python and Ruby workshops, development sprints and more

Cost: $100*($30 for students)/Register

* Yes, it is priced in dollars. Ed.

June 21-22 June - GIS - Nottingham

Who: Open Source GIS UK

What: Second Open Source GIS UK Conference

Cost: £220, student rates also available - details

June 23 - F# - London

Who: London F# User Group

What: Reactive Programming in F-Sharp

Cost: Free/Pre-register

NEW - June 24 - BlackBerry - London

Who: Research in Motion

What: BlackBerry Developer Day - A one day event on developing for the BlackBerry smartphone.

Cost: Free/Pre-Register

June 24-26 - Open Technology and Techniques - Oxford

Who: OSS-Watch

What: TransferSummit - A two day conference which brings together commerce and academia to discuss the lessons learned, and being learnt, from open source and the community-led methodologies behind it. The H is a media sponsor of TransferSummit. The Programme contains further details.

Cost: Conference: £400 (£160 for academics) - Barcamp: Free - Register

June 26 - Java - London

Who: London Java Community, Apache Software Foundation and Skills Matter

What: 2nd London Java Community Unconference - A one day participant driven conference themed around Java and Apache.

Cost: £27.50/Register

NEW - June 26 - Go - London

Who: London Google Technology Users Group

What: Go Language Hackathon - an all day event for developers to work with Google's Go, mentored by a member of the Go language team

Cost: Free/Register for an invitation

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