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29 June 2011, 16:16

The H Community Calendar – July 2011

Selected events coming up in the UK and elsewhere in July

The H Community Calendar presents the coming month's events in various open source, development, Linux, Unix and other communities, from multi-day conferences to user group get-togethers.

If you are an event organiser, let The H know about your event by sending us a mail at, or if you Twitter, add the #thehcc tag to your tweeted announcement.

Update – New event on 1-5 August (Hacking Open Data)

Update 2 – Hacker News Meetup on 28 July

Note: Unless stated, events listed take place in the evening.

2 July - Arduino - Manchester

Who: Omniversity of Manchester
What: Building the Internet of Things - Arduino and Ethernet – with the addition of an Ethernet shield, Arduino boards make an excellent platform on which to explore the Internet of Things.
: this event takes place during the day.
Cost: £132.00 / Register

5–6 July - Open Source - Oxford

Who: OSS Watch and 100% Open
What: Open Source Junction 2 – A two-day workshop to showcase a selection of context-aware mobile projects and provide delegates with key knowledge of open innovation and open development.
Cost: £50.00–£350.00 / Register

7 July - PHP - London SE1

Who: PHP London
What: A regular monthly meeting with a talk by Andrew Betts on "Using Regular Expressions to Save the World: Advanced pattern matching using PCRE and PHP".
Cost: Free (no registration necessary)

7 July - Perl - London EC1R

Who: London Perl Mongers
What: Social – a regular monthly social meetup for anyone with an interest in Perl.
Cost: Free / no need to register

11 July - Ruby - London EC1V

Who: London Ruby User Group
What: Regular monthly meetup – with a talk on "Building a prototype site for the UK government" by the alphagov team. Details of the second talk are to be confirmed.
Cost: Free / Register

11–12 July - Databases - Cambridge

Who: CHAR11
What: CHAR11 Conference on Database Replication and Clustering – 2 days of technical and user experience presentations direct from the developers. PostgreSQL Clustering, High Availability and Replication will be covered in detail, with 15 speakers from around the world discussing different approaches.
Cost: £375.00 / Register

12 July - Ajax - London EC1V

Who: London Ajax User Group
What: User Group Meetup: Beyond Node.js – with talks on "Middleware for Node.js and Server-side JS" and "Building real life applications with Node.js".
Cost: Free / Register

13 July - Linux - Reading

Who: Silicon Corridor Linux User Group
What: A regular social evening for Linux users in the Reading area.
Cost: Free (no registration necessary)

14–15 July - ODF - Berlin

Who: ODF Plugfest
What: ODF Plugfest – bringing together lead architects from commercial and open source office products, members of the various OASIS ODF TC's and technical experts from national and regional governments to discuss new and proposed features of the ODF specification and to work to achieve maximum interoperability.
Cost: Free / Register

18 July - Groovy & Grails - London

Who: London Groovy & Grails User Group
What: LGGUG code jam – this month's meetup is a code jam. The organisers hope to have people working on the web site, itself a Grails application, which will give attendees the opportunity to learn how to use Spock and Geb for functional testing. All other coding suggestions are welcome.
Cost: Free / Register

20 July - Scala - London EC1V

Who: London Scala Users' Group
What: LSug Scala meetup – with a talk on "Idiomatic Scala": Kevin Wright will give some helpful tips on making your Scala code look less like Java.
Cost: Free / Register

21 July - Scala - London EC2R

Who: London Scala Users' Group
What: LSug Scala coding dojo – a regular coding dojo session run on every third Thursday of the month.
Cost: Free / Register

28 July - General - London EC1V

Who: Hacker News London Meetup
What: A meeting of readers of Hacker News in London for developers, hackers, entrepreneurs and anyone in the technology business.
Cost: Free / Register

Coming in August

1-5 August - Hacking Open Data - across the UK

Who: Young Rewired State
What: Young Rewired State 2011 is a week long hack event that ends with the projects being presented to government, industry and press. It is being held in 12 locations across the UK.
Cost: Free / Register to take part - Register to attend the presentations

17-19 August - Ruby & Rails - Manchester

Who: Omniversity of Manchester
What: Ruby & Rails Bootcamp – Learn how to develop high-quality web applications fast using Ruby on Rails, the powerful open-source web framework.
Note: this event takes place during the day.
Cost: £360.00 / Register

Later in the Year

6-9 October - BSD - Maarssen, The Netherlands

Who: EuroBSDCon

What: EuroBSDcon 2011 – This year marks the 10th anniversary of EuroBSDCon, the technical conference for people working on and with 4.4BSD based operating systems and related projects. The two-day conference (8-9 Oct) will be preceded by two days of tutorials (6-7 Oct).

Cost: not yet announced

If you are an event organiser, let The H know about your event by sending us a mail at, or if you Twitter, add the #thehcc tag to your tweeted announcement.

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