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07 May 2013, 11:00

Systemd 203 release to start up Fedora 19

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Systemd artwork

Lennart Poettering has announced the release of systemd 203 or as he calls it: "a good release to synchronize a distribution on." Poettering says the Fedora developers are planning to include this version in the upcoming Fedora 19 release because the development branch of systemd will most likely receive extensive changes in the near future that would introduce too much uncertainty so close to the distribution's release date. These changes are necessary as Poettering and his team are planning to introduce a number of bigger features with the next version of their open source startup manager.

Version 203 of systemd includes improvements to its cgroup handling and the namespace container spawning utility, systemd-nspawn, will now create a resolv.conf file if necessary. Systemd-nspawn can now also store meta information about containers in cgroups. The systemctl list-dependencies, systemd-cgls and systemd-analyze commands have gained new command switches and systemd-inhibit now shows the names of processes that are currently under an inhibitor lock. A new configuration file at /etc/systemd/sleep.conf can be used by the system administrator to specify which kernel operation the system executes for suspend, hibernate or hybrid-sleep requests to systemd.

Systemd 203 can be downloaded from the servers. Its source code is licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and can be browsed at the project's Git repository. More information about the project is available from its web site.



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