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The H archives: features by Glyn Moody

The following is a list of features that have been written for The H by columnist Glyn Moody.

Glyn Moody is a writer, blogger and speaker. He has been writing, lecturing and consulting about business use of the internet since early 1994, and about open source since 1995. His book, “Rebel Code: Linux and the Open Source Revolution”, a detailed history of free software, was published in 2001.

25 June 2013
Free Software post-PRISM

Free Software post-PRISM The news has been full of talk of spying, whistleblowing and data mining. Glyn Moody looks at how open source has been used to threaten freedom and privacy and how it could be used to defend them more »

04 June 2013
Whatever happened to Google?

Whatever happened to Google? Although Google continues to support a variety of open projects and people, Glyn Moody notes that, following recent changes to Google Code and Google Talk, concern is growing that something fundamental has changed more »

15 May 2013
Location, location, location

Location, location, location The rapid rise in the number of mobile devices has led to a concomitant rise in the amount of location data available. Proprietary services are emerging to take advantage of that data, but open source has a strong foothold in the form of OpenStreetMap more »

01 May 2013
What's in a (Free Software project) name?

What's in a (Free Software project) name? Trademarks, names and reputation. Glyn Moody looks at the problems that arise when trying to keep control of your reputation and the different approaches taken by open source software projects. more »

08 April 2013
Mozilla: the Next 15 Years

Mozilla's Next 15 The 15th anniversary of Mozilla also saw moves in the browser ecosystem that are laying out the technical future of the web. But where next for Mozilla asks Glyn Moody more »

22 March 2013
Android has won: now what?

Android has won: now what? A little over five years after the creation of the Open Handset Alliance, Glyn Moody looks at Android's global market position and the challenges that Google faces to avoid Android disappearing under a plethora of other companies' interfaces and apps more »

27 February 2013
Will open science be web-based?

Glyn Moody revisits the subject of open science, sees how others are now making the connection between open source and science, and contemplates the likelihood of a web-based future more »

13 February 2013
Why it's time to stop using open source licences

Glyn Moody wonders whether, given the decline of copyleft licences, it is time to contemplate switching to placing software in the Public Domain and addresses the commonly raised objections more »

01 February 2013
What's the next big platform for Linux?

Glyn Moody wonders whether the car – a currently undeveloped yet important platform with great potential – can provide the inspiration for the next generation of Linux coders more »

17 January 2013
Of netbooks, tablets and Linux's revenge

Microsoft may have rebuffed Linux's early advance in the domain of the emerging netbook, but Glyn Moody thinks that the rise of the tablet has neutralised the "must-have" nature of Windows more »

24 December 2012
Taking open source foundations to the next level

Glynn Moody thinks that, now open source foundations have apparently come of age, the time may be right for the formation of an umbrella foundation to share best practices and speak with one voice more »

13 November 2012
Interview: Linus Torvalds - I don't read code any more

Glyn Moody took advantage of one of Linus Torvalds' rare trips to Europe – speaking at the recent LinuxCon Europe 2012 in Barcelona – to interview him again, reviewing the key moments for the Linux kernel and its community since he first interviewed him back in 1996 more »

23 October 2012
Why Mozilla should join the CryptoParty

Although claims of "cyberwarfare" being waged are often exaggerated by politicians with an agenda, in light of the increasing frequency of attacks across the internet, Glyn Moody believes that Mozilla should involve itself in CryptoParties and help enlighten people about security more »

10 October 2012
Open source's secret ally: Moore's Law

Glyn Moody takes a look at the effect Moore's Law has had so far in bringing technology to the wider public and its potential impact on education, supercomputing and other kinds of hardware more »

03 September 2012
Learning from Diaspora

As the remaining founders of Diaspora hand the project over to the community, Glyn Moody asks what lessons we can learn from the success and failure of a free software project and considers the importance of thinking about what happens next more »

09 August 2012
Can open source be democratic?

Open source has created a new way of mobilising communities but it has also allowed a democratic deficit to open up between developers and users. Glyn Moody offers his take on this gap and how it is being slowly closed more »

25 July 2012
How can we pay for Free Software?

One of the great things about free software is that it's free in both senses. But it's also a problem for the people who write it, since it makes earning a living from doing so hard. Glyn Moody looks at how that has gradually evolved over time. more »

10 July 2012
Why a tablet victory for Android is problematic for Free Software

Glyn Moody considers what happens when Android-based tablets dominate the low end of the tablet market and the problems that might hold for Free Software more »

18 June 2012
The limits of openness

As the business of mapping becomes more competitive and as Open Street Map goes from strength to strength, Glyn Moody looks at the privacy hurdles the mappers will all face and in particular, how it could affect the open source map creators more »

04 June 2012
Beyond the BBC Micro

Glyn Moody looks back at the educational promise offered by the BBC Micro 30 years ago, and how this was not followed through but swamped by commercial software. He wonders if modern open source hardware and software can help rejuvenate computer education more »


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