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Risks and side effects

All of the emails can set off a virus alarm; indeed, some are even designed to do so.

If anyone or anything tries to filter viruses out of your emails, some of them may not reach you.

Do not open everything that looks as though it comes from The H Emailcheck without further ado. Sender addresses can be faked. The email is only from The H Emailcheck if the code word on the confirmation page is in the subject line of the email.

email from The H Emailcheck

The H Emailcheck does not send you any emails that you have not requested. However, someone may have intentionally or accidentally entered your email address so that you receive a confirmation email from us without having requested one. In this case, we apologize for any inconvenience and kindly ask you simply to delete this email.

We have created and thoroughly tested these emails and the files attached to them. They only output simple messages and cannot cause any damage. Nevertheless, we cannot accept any liability for any damage that might occur.


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