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Privacy Policy

During the Update Check, a small Java program sends data to a server belonging to Danish company Secunia. Secunia is a security services provider and guarantees that it does not collect or forward personal data. The following is Secunia's privacy statement for this service:

All data sent to Secunia is treated as confidential.

The Online Software Inspector collects unique text strings and data about executable files and installed applications on your system, including hostname and langroup, and Microsoft KB numbers. This data is analysed by the Secunia File Signature engine ( to determine the exact applications installed on your system. No other data is collected from your system.

This can in turn be used to provide you with a detailed report about the specific missing security related updates on your system.

The data sent to Secunia is non-personal data only. The data is generic, standardised, and originates from installed programs on your computer.

Secunia will not share or sell specific data about individuals with any third parties. Only aggregate statistical which can't be related directly to any individuals will be published and shared with third parties.


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