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Cookies affect the user privacy; they make it possible to track user activities in the Internet. The automatic cookie control in the Internet Explorer 6.x is based on the Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P), a standard of the W3C.

The settings for cookie administration can be found on the "Privacy" tab. Press "Advanced" to disable automatic cookie administration and "Edit" to allow individual sites to create cookies.

Since only few Web sites support P3P so far, users are advised to disable the automated cookie administration in Internet Explorer 6 in favour of an opt-in strategy, which means that all cookies are blocked or can only be used temporarily. For required Web services, which cannot be used any more with this setting, IE6 provides a URL list of sites that have permission to store cookies regardless of other settings.

The animation shows the individual steps for adapting the default settings.

The cookie administration is linked to the zone model of IE6. Rules defined under the enhanced privacy settings only apply to the Internet zone. The browser will accept all cookies for Web sites in the Intranet zone or classified as trusted sites but will generally reject cookies for restricted sites.


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