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Demonstration of security holes

Warning: Some of the demonstrations on the following pages exploit known security holes in your browser. Although they have been adapted not to cause any direct damage, they might crash your browser or even your whole system. Individual demos read files onto your computer or create their own files. We assume no liability for any damage that may occur.

Your antivirus software might also display a warning when these pages are opened; if this happens, it is a typical false alarm. Although none of the browser check pages contains a virus or Trojan, the HTML and JavaScript code exploits known security holes of your browser, for instance, to display harmless messages. Simple virus scanners recognize these code sequences and produce a (false) alarm as a result.

The list of security holes is neither complete nor up to date. It only includes selected demonstrations to illustrate the risks associated with browser functions. Even if none of the demos works on your computer, this in no way means that your browser is free of such vulnerabilities.


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