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10 March 2012, 11:59

The H Roundup for the week ending 10 March

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The H Roundup Welcome to The H Roundup, your rapid review of the week with the most read news on The H, the security alerts and open source releases, and the essential feature articles – all in one quick-to-scan news item.

Top News

The "Build your own Linux from source" guide Linux From Scratch got a new edition, a problem at GitHub reminded developers to fix mass assignment holes in Ruby on Rails applications, NVIDIA joined the other graphics vendors in the Linux Foundation and Apple closed a mass of holes with their iOS and iTunes updates. Researchers cracked a US e-voting system in less than two days, The H looked at open source at this year's CeBIT show, Arch Linux landed on the Raspberry Pi tiny, affordable computer, Python 3.3.0 emerged as an alpha, and the developer of DragonFly BSD discovered a hardware bug in several AMD processors.

Featured Articles

The H talked to former BusyBox maintainer and creator of the recently briefly controversial toybox about the code and the motivations that drive creating all-in-one utilities. As Linux 3.3 approaches, Thorsten Leemhuis presented the last two parts of his Coming in 3.3 series with a look at the architecture, infrastructure and drivers that will arrive with the new kernel.

Open Source Releases

For everything The H has published in the last week, check out the last seven days of news. To keep up with The H, subscribe to the RSS feeds, or follow honlinenews on Twitter. You can follow The H's own tweeting on Twitter as honline.



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