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08 December 2012, 12:10

The H Roundup - MySQL holes, router hacks and password cracks

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The H Roundup Welcome to The H Roundup, your rapid review of the week with the most read news on The H, the security alerts and open source releases, and the essential feature articles – all in one quick-to-scan news item.

Top News

Hacker KingCope presented the MySQL and SSH communities with an early Christmas present in the form of a whole range of exploits, several makes of routers turned out to be hackable by sending unwitting users a malicious email, and WhatsApp is still having problems with their account security.

A new way of calculating SHA1 could give a 20% performance boost to password crackers, a quicker way to brute force MySQL passwords was shown, a cluster of GPUs can chew their way through NTLM passwords in record time, and Microsoft's AV solution has failed to keep up to grade.

The Linux Mint developers have followed the release of Linux Mint 14 with a point version to fix three showstopper bugs, LibreOffice also cleared out a number of bugs from their most recent release and Matthew Garrett published his Secure Boot bootloader for use by Linux distributions.

Featured Articles

This week, Oliver Diedrich looked at two contrasting deployments of OpenOffice in German cities and the lessons that can be learned, while in The H Developer, Patrick Peschlow showed the power of Java 7's ForkJoinPool for multi-threaded applications.

Developer Spot

If your application relies on Java 6, Oracle have given you a stay of a couple of months before you will have to move to Java 7. EMC and VMWare have moved their assets around to create a new cloud/big data company, Adobe made a play for game developers, GWT's future was evaluated, and a new Arduino IDE appeared.

Node.js and PowerShell developers will find Amazon has released tools for both platforms to plug into its cloud services, while corporate Android developers can now make use of private Google Play app stores for custom applications.

Open Source Releases

This week saw new releases of Chrome, QEMU 1.3, Plan 9 for the Raspberry Pi, Aptosid and siduction, Semantic MediaWiki 1.8, Slacko Puppy 5.4, EverPad, IntelliJ IDEA 12, KDE 4.9 and ZevenOS 5.0.

Ubuntu 13.04 development kicked off with what wasn't an alpha release but more the start of a rolling development version, Linux 3.7 was delayed a week for another release candidate, Qt 5.0 got a release candidate, the Ruby developers refined their plans for Ruby 2.0, and a beta appeared for version 9 of the DRBD distributed block storage system.

For everything The H has published in the last week, check out the last seven days of news. To keep up with The H, subscribe to the RSS feed, or follow honlinenews on Twitter. You can follow The H's own tweeting on Twitter as honline.


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