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11 June 2011, 11:59

The H Week - Chrome 12, Fedora goes Btrfs, RSA replacements, LulzSec hacks

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The H Week Logo Chrome 12 arrived with Unity support and security fixes, the Fedora project confirmed plans to use Btrfs as the default file system in Fedora 16 and The H published the first part of the "Coming in 3.0" Kernel Log series. RSA promised to replace SecurID tokens, and there were more LulzSec hacks.


The H asked Richard Hillesley to look at what Novell has left behind for open source and at the future for SUSE. With the help of c't Digital Photography, The H looked at Linux photo tools and, with the assistance of Thorsten Leemhuis, examined what is coming in Linux 3.0's networking in the "Coming in 3.0" mini-series.


RSA admitted that some information about SecurID was used in the Lockheed Martin attack, started replacing hardware tokens and appointed a Chief Security Officer. Mozilla turned off cross domain WebGL textures in Firefox 5 and a Windows Worm was found to be using a built-in DHCP server to spread across local networks.

This week's hacking saw LulzSec extract data from an FBI liaison group, a security firm and the UK's National Health Service (NHS), and Citibank owned up to customer data having been stolen. It was reported that the FBI already had a deep informant network in the hacking scene and Allied Telesis denied there were any backdoors in their hardware.

Security Alerts

Open Source

The Fedora project set out their plan to use the "next-generation" Btrfs file system in the next Fedora release, and Canonical looked to the community to create a new "Ubuntu Friendly" hardware certificate. Google released Chrome 12 with added Ubuntu Unity support, but closed their specialised Linux and BSD search pages.

A court battle that saw the EFF siding with Microsoft to lower patent invalidation standards came to an end with Microsoft losing. Java SE 7's specification was passed by the JCP Executive Committee but even the "yes" voters were not happy, Oracle opened up and announced that OpenJDK would become the reference implementation for Java 7, and VMWare's Cloud Foundry got support for the Java-VM-based Scala language.

The openSUSE project called on its members to approve its plans for the future and started looking for sponsors for its upcoming conference. A new alliance of companies want to make help desks talk to CRM systems and for them to talk to bug trackers. Meanwhile, one hacker is using his CD-ROM drive and a small Linux computer to water plants.

Open Source Releases

Updates were released for SystemRescueCD, Cassandra and CouchDB, older Pythons, VLC Media Player, CSS standards, Lucene and Solr, Pidgin and Wireshark.


For all last week's news see The H's last seven days of news and to keep up with The H, subscribe to the RSS feed, or follow honlinenews on Twitter. You can follow The H's own tweeting on Twitter as honline.


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