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13 May 2013, 12:50

Python 3.4 to get enums

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The planned feature list for Python 3.4 is starting to become more defined. One of the important additions that the developers have decided on is the inclusion of an enumeration type in the standard library in the next version of the language. Enumeration types, which are also known as enums, are data types that define each possible value as symbolic constants.

The path to enums has been long; a proposal for an enum type was made in 2005, PEP 354, but this failed to be approved. Now, though, Python lead developer Guido van Rossum has blessed PEP 435, a re-proposal of the 2005 concept. The new proposal that was accepted is in part based on the older PEP. Programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Java and Haskell already provide developers with enumeration type functionality.

Another important new feature to be introduced is the asynchronous development standard Tulip, which has been drafted in PEP 3156 and builds on experiences gathered with Twisted, Stackless Python and gevent. A first alpha version of Python 3.4 is planned for August at the earliest, with a final release currently being scheduled for February 2014.



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