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05 June 2013, 16:46

Open Recall: lumail, AntiX, Y PPA Manager, KDE 4.10.4,

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Y PPA Manager screenshot
Zoom Y PPA Manager has a useful search function for Launchpad's PPA catalogue

Open Recall is a space on The H for those things that are too small to package as news but are worth covering. In this edition: antiX 13, Lumail, RawTherapee and Y PPA Manager for Mint 15 and Ubuntu 13.10 and KDE's June stabilisation update.

  • AntiX 13 – The developers of the lightweight Debian-based distribution antiX, an offshoot of MEPIS, have released antiX 13, code-named "Luddite". The distribution's three editions are now also available for 64-bit systems and its packages have been updated to a Debian Wheezy base. Bundled applications include LibreOffice 4 and Iceweasel 22. A summary of the changes is available from the release announcement on the antiX wiki.

  • Lumail – Not satisfied with existent console-based email clients on Linux, former Debian developer Steve Kemp wrote lumail. The tool is written in Lua and is designed to support "scripting with a real language", which Kemp says, apart from his project, only GNU Emacs does. Lumail exclusively works with Maildir hierarchies and does not support POP3 or IMAP. The client is modal in nature and provides three modes for showing a list of mail folders, messages in those folders and a view of a single message. Packages for Debian Wheezy and instructions on how to obtain the program's source code are available on the Lumail download page.

  • RawTherapee 4.0.11 – The latest release of RawTherapee, version 4.0.11, includes a number of speed improvements and bug fixes to the open source RAW image processor. New features include new demosaicing algorithms, added zoom levels and support for alpha channels in TIFF files. New cameras supported include the D5200, D7100 and Coolpix A models from Nikon and the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5. A list of all new features is available from the release announcement.

  • Y PPA Manager for Mint 15 and Ubuntu 13.10 – Version 0.9.9 of Y PPA Manager now works with recently released Linux Mint 15 and the current development version (13.10) of Ubuntu. Y PPA Manager is used to administer third-party Personal Package Archives (PPAs) with a graphical user interface. It can resolve duplicate package sources and update PPAs independently from the other repositories in the system. Since Linux Mint 15 already includes a tool to manage PPAs, a separate application to do so is not needed, but Y PPA Manager still provides a useful search function for PPAs. To install Y PPA Manager, users can install a package provided by the project's own PPA on Launchpad.

  • KDE's June update – The KDE developers have shipped the latest in their series of monthly stabilisation updates for the 4.10 series of the open source desktop environment. KDE 4.10.4, as usual for the monthly maintenance updates, brings a number of bug fixes and updated translation. Because of the relatively trivial nature of the changes, the developers promise "a safe and pleasant update for everyone." Details on the changes in this latest KDE version are available in the release announcement.



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