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18 June 2013, 16:27

MediaGoblin 0.4.0 adds document support

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MediaGoblin document view
Zoom A MediaGoblin document view.
Source: MediaGoblin project

MediaGoblin, the free software decentralised alternative to Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud and other media sharing platforms, has been updated to version 0.4.0 and is now able to share documents. The new document support leverages Andreas Gal's pdf.js to display documents within the browser, surrounded by MediaGoblin's document metadata and controls and comment area. Servers with LibreOffice installed can also convert a wide variety of formats into displayable PDF content and offer readers both the original document and the PDF conversion for download.

To further MediaGoblin's extensibility, a new Plugin API has been created and is expected to be heavily used in the various Google Summer of Code/GNOME OPW projects taking place in the coming months. Other enhancements include human readable timestamps that display times relative to now in the user interface, configurable comments and an experimental Piwigo plugin.

Over the summer, the developers hope to work with the Summer of Code/GNOME OPW interns to develop support for the API and activity streaming, a new media type for blogging, an improved test suite, a new administrative interface, and a "super flexible" user authentication system.

Users interested in installing MediaGoblin should refer to the documentation's administrators guide. Developers can see the AGPLv3-licensed code on the project's Gitorious repository.



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