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04 July 2013, 10:11

GitHub adds Releases to make delivering projects easier

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Release Form
Zoom Pick a tag, add release notes and assets and press the button to package up a Release on GitHub.
GitHub has presented Releases, a new feature in the code hosting and project collaboration service, which should make delivering projects to end users easier and more consistent. In the past, GitHub had offered a downloads option for projects which allowed versioned archives of the project to be uploaded to a tab on the repository home page for easy downloading. But at the end of last year, GitHub removed that option.

Now, Releases revisits the entire process with a new way of getting software to end users. Releases uses the Git tagging to mark where a "Release package" has been derived from; developers can use their own release tags or let Releases add a tag to their project when they use it. A new release can then have a changelog and a Release View
Zoom How a release can look to end users on GitHub.
pre-release flag set against its tag and binary assets such as compiled executables, documentation, minified scripts, image files or similar can be uploaded and attached to the tag too. Once prepared, selecting "Publish Release" will package the content associated with the tag as a zip and tar.gz file and place them online in a Releases tab.



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