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20 May 2013, 16:15

Developer Break: Meteor, IDEA, Python, Hadoop and OSLC

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Developer Break Catch up on the smaller but important notes for developers, from libraries to APIs and from people to posts. In this edition: Meteor goes all Websockets, IntelliJ IDEA goes all Android, Pythonic progress, development kits for Hadoop, and standards for lifecycle software.

Open source languages and tools

  • The Meteor JavaScript framework is now at version 0.63 and should be using WebSockets for all connections to lower network latency in applications which use the Node.js-based web app platform. It also now uses MongoDB 2.4 and CoffeeScript 1.62.

  • The first preview of IntelliJ IDEA 13, the integrated development environment from JetBrains, is now available to download. Most of the new features cover the functionality added in Google's Android Studio. Code-named Cardea, the new version is expected to be final in December 2013.

  • The release of Python 3.2.5 is expected to be the last bugfix release for the 3.2 series. It fixes a number of regressions found in Python 3.2.4. Also correcting regressions is the newly released Python 3.3.2 with fixes for crashing bugs in the ASCII decoder on m68K, missing verbosity, and crashes involving generators and yield from.

Services and SDKs

  • Cloudera Development Kit (CDK) is the latest way the Hadoop specialists are making it easier for developers to leverage the platform. The first Apache-2-licensed CDK module addresses working with datasets on HDFS and local filesystems, serialisation of Java POJOs, Avro Records, compression and more. The CDK can be found on GitHub and works with CDH, Cloudera's open source Hadoop distribution.


  • OASIS, the document standards organisation, has voted to create an OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) Members Section to move the specifications for interoperable tools in software development forward. Among the 22 members are companies such as Red Hat, IBM, Fujitsu, Boeing and Bank of America and organisations including the Eclipse Foundation and WSO2.



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