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The driver for Apple's Magic Mouse now also addresses the Magic Trackpad. The "uas" driver for the USB Attached SCSI Protocol (UASP) which allows fast data transfers with USB 3.0 storage devices that support this technology, is a new addition to the kernel. As planned, the kernel developers have removed the older of the two FireWire stacks and the drivers based on it; according to the commit comment, the more recent stack and its drivers offer a better range of features, are faster and also offer better security.

The changes to the Media / V4L / DVB subsystem improve the cx231xx driver to provide support for the Carraera, Shelby, RDx_253S and VIDEO_GRABBER TV hardware. Among the changes to the ALSA sound drivers is the new snd-aloop driver. This allows the configuration of "PCM loopback devices" that return the data they receive to the userspace via a different device, which can, for example, be relevant for synchronisation.

In brief

When switching to software suspend, the kernel can now compress the memory image using LZO – this speeds up switching into and out of hibernation, as it requires less data to be written to and read from the hard drive.

The Fanotify interface for on-access virus scanners is now available for use – it had previously been integrated into 2.6.36, but was then deactivated shortly before release as a result of some irregularities, and major changes were required to fix these problems.

Where the relevant developer files are present, the "make xconfig" command now uses Qt4 instead of Qt3 to generate a configuration program (1, 2).

Facts and figures for the latest versions of the Linux kernel

Files1 Source lines2 Days Commits3 Changes4
2.6.31 29111 12046317
92 10883 8938 files changed
914135 insertions(+)
504980 deletions(-)
2.6.32 30485 12606910
84 10998 10315 files changed
1092987 insertions(+)
530428 deletions(-)
2.6.33 31565 12990041
83 10871 9673 files changed
859458 insertions(+)
479452 deletions(-)
2.6.34 32297 13320934
82 9443 11154 files changed
609584 insertions(+)
278958 deletions(-)
2.6.35 33316 13545604
77 9801 8889 files changed
691927 insertions(+)
467252 deletions(-)
2.6.36 34301 13499457
80 9501 9202 files changed
582139 insertions(+)
628362 deletions(-)
2.6.37 35191 13996612
76 11446 11104 files changed,
1093202 insertions(+),
598350 deletions(-)
¹ find . -type f -not -regex '\./\.git/.*' | wc -l
² (Without documentation): find . -type f -not -regex '\./\.git.*' | xargs cat | wc -l (find . -name *.[hcS] -not -regex '\./\.git.*' | xargs cat | wc -l)
³ git-log --no-merges --pretty=oneline v2.6.(x-1)..v2.6.(x) | wc -l
⁴ git diff --shortstat v2.6.(x-1)..v2.6.(x)

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