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28 August 2011, 13:03

The H Community Calendar – September 2011

Selected events coming up in the UK and elsewhere in September

The H Community Calendar presents the coming month's events in various open source, development, Linux, Unix and other communities, from multi-day conferences to user group get-togethers.

If you are an event organiser, let The H know about your event by sending us a mail at, or if you Twitter, add the #thehcc tag to your tweeted announcement.

Update – Added event details for LRUG on 12 September

Update 2 – New event on 8 September (BI)

Update 3 – Hacker News Meetup on 29 September

Note: Unless stated, events listed take place in the evening.

1 September - PHP - London SE1

Who: PHP London
What: A regular monthly meeting - including a talk on PHP extensions
Cost: Free (no registration necessary)

1 September - Perl - London W2

Who: London Perl Mongers
What: Heretics Socialheretics social meeting held when the first Thursday of the month falls on the first day of the month.
Cost: Free (no registration necessary)

5-8 September - Open source - Oxford

Who: TransferSummit
What: TransferSummit – TransferSummit provides a forum for business executives and members of the academic and research community to discuss requirements, challenges, and opportunities in the use, development, licensing, and future of Open Source technology.
Cost: £475.00+VAT (Academic) £750.00+VAT (General) / Register

7 September - R - London E1

Who: LondonR
What: LondonR User Group Meeting – four presentations: "Using the Google Visualisation API with R", "Using R to Model Complex Biogeochemical Systems", "How to Accelerate Model Deployment using Rook" and "Development of the HotProducts Software System using R and gwidgets".
Cost: Free / Register via email

8 September - Perl - London W2

Who: London Perl Mongers
What: Social – regular monthly social meeting.
Cost: Free (no registration necessary)

8 September - Hackers - Brighton

Who: Hacks/Hackers Brighton
What: Hacks/Hackers Brighton launch event – a meetup for hacks (journalists) and hackers (developers). There will be two short talks on apps: "Guardian Anywhere", an unofficial Android app, and a web app powered by the guardian API. There will also be a data mapping demonstration. There will be at least one more speaker, details to be announced.
Cost: Free / Register on Meetup or using this form

8 September - BI - London EC1V

Who: UK Open Source BI User Group
What: The inaugural UK Open Source BI User Group event – the theme for this event is "BI Servers", with presentations by vendors including Jaspersoft and Yellowfin.
Cost Free / Register with Skills Matter

10-11 September - BarCamp - Oxford

Who: Apache Software Foundation
What: BarCampApacheOxford 2011 – there will be an informal meal on the Saturday night for anyone arriving early. In common with all BarCamps, Sunday's schedule will be decided on the day; suggested topics include "Open development techniques and practices", "Web 2.0 style data mashups" and "Use of and engagement with The Apache Software Foundations projects".
Cost: Free / Register

12 September - Ruby - London EC1V

Who London Ruby User Group (LRUG)
What Regular monthly meetup – including a talk on what went into the process of scaling the government's new e-petitions web site.
Cost Free / Register

13 September - Ajax - London EC1V

Who: London Ajax User Group
What: User group meeting – with talks on "jQuery and the Missing Mobile Link (PhoneGap)" and "Developing with MooTools and Dojo".
Cost: Free / Register on Meetup and Skillsmatter

14 September - Data - London

Who: Big Data London
What: 4th Big Data London meetup – an evening of networking, talks and discussions about Big Data. Details of talks are to be confirmed.
Cost: Free / Register

14 September - Linux - Reading

Who: Silicon Corridor Linux User Group
What: A regular social evening for Linux users in the Reading area.
Cost: Free (no registration necessary)

14 September - Scala - London EC1V

Who: London Scala Users' Group
What: Practical Scalaz: making your life easier the hard way – this talk will concentrate on using Scalaz to help make certain tasks easier and to avoid repeating yourself. The focus will be on using the library, not understanding its internals.
Cost: Free / Register on Meetup and SkillsMatter

15 September - Scala - London EC2R

Who: London Scala Users' Group
What: LSug Scala coding dojo – regular monthly coding dojo
Cost: Free / Register

19 September - Groovy & Grails - London

Who: London Groovy & Grails User Group
What: LGGUG user group meetup – regular meetup. Topics of discussion to be confirmed.
Cost: Free / Register at Meetup and SkillsMatter

19 September - Mongo DB - London EC4V

Who: 10gen
What: MongoUK – a one-day conference for customers, partners, developers and data analysts to immerse themselves in the design, features, applications, and internals of the open source database MongoDB.
Cost: $100 General / $30 Student / Register with 10gen or at SkillsMatter

24-25 September - Python - Coventry

Who: PyCon UK
What: PyCon UK 2011 – the theme for this year's UK Python conference is "Python in depth". Sessions will include testing, a code clinic, Django, PyPy, XML, Design and Graphical Programming.
Cost: £95.00 / £75.00 Concessions / Register

26 September - Arduino - London

Who: London Arduino Meetup Group
What: Monthly meetup - an evening talking about Arduino, meeting people from the industry, bouncing ideas around, and picking the brains of more experienced Arduinists.
Cost: Free / Register

29 September - Hardware - London WC1X

What: Practical Approaches – the twelfth OSHUG meeting will cover the practical approaches that were developed in tackling three different problems: designing a double-sided PCB to accommodate 0.5mm pitch surface mount devices, safely controlling mains powered devices from the Internet, and building a 3W RGB LED controller using all open source design and development tools.
Cost: Free / Register

29 September - General - London EC2A

Who: Hacker News
What: Hacker News London Meetup – a meeting of readers of Hacker News in London, for developers, hackers, entrepreneurs and anyone in the technology business. The headline speaker will be Harj Taggar, YC partner and founder of Auctomatic. Details of additional talks to be confirmed.
Cost: Free / Register on Meetup

Coming in October

6-7 October - Android - London N1

Who: Droidcon
What: Droidcon 2011 – the UK's largest conference talking exclusively about Android development and applications. The first day is community-led with a full day Barcamp and democamp, the second day is a conference day with Android experts presenting on the latest applications and usage of the mobile platform.
Cost: £50 Student / £150 Early Bird (available until 1 Sept) / Register

6-9 October - BSD - Maarssen, The Netherlands

Who: EuroBSDCon
What: EuroBSDcon 2011 – this year marks the 10th anniversary of EuroBSDCon, the technical conference for people working on and with 4.4BSD based operating systems and related projects. The two-day conference (8-9 Oct) will be preceded by two days of tutorials (6-7 Oct)
Cost: Main conference €190+VAT Student / €295+VAT Regular & Business / Register

If you are an event organiser, let The H know about your event by sending us a mail at, or if you Twitter, add the #thehcc tag to your tweeted announcement.

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