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24 February 2012, 14:39

The H Community Calendar – March 2012

Selected events coming up in the UK and elsewhere in March

The H Community Calendar presents the coming month's events in various open source, development, Linux, Unix and other communities, from multi-day conferences to user group get-togethers.

If you are an event organiser, let The H know about your event by sending us a mail at, or if you Twitter, add the #thehcc tag to your tweeted announcement.

Update – New events on 3 March (hack day) and 12 March (Ruby)

Update 2 – New events on 7 March (Java), 27 March (Python) and 29 March (hardware)

Update 3 – New events on 24 March (digital rights) and 29 March (open education)

Note: Unless stated, events listed take place in the evening.

1 March - PHP - London SE1

Who: PHP London
What: PHP "PubCon" – regular monthly social meeting
Cost: Free (no registration necessary)

3 March - Hack day - London WC1V

Who: Open Knowledge Foundation
What: Energy and Climate Hackday – a day of data-wrangling and building apps around energy and climate data. All skills and interest groups are welcome: developers, data journalists, economists, climate scientists, environmentalists and interested citizens.
Cost: Free / Register on Meetup and on Etherpad

6 March - Data - London

Who: Big Data London
What: Big Data London meetup – for the 9th meetup Big Data London is teaming up with Cassandra London for a chance to hear Adrian Cockcroft from Netflix talk about how they use Cassandra.
Cost: Free / Register on Meetup

6 March - R - London E1

Who: LondonR
What: LondonR User Group Meeting – with talks on "Automatically creating an interactive visualisation of R's GridSVG output for IE7+", "R with COM; the dark side of .NET", "Using LME models for Method Comparison Studies" and "autoPricing: An R package for automated GLM based actuarial pricing".
Cost: Free / Register on Meetup

7 March - Java - London

Who: London Java Community
What: Code Share: First Expressions – Code provides three mechanisms to allow us to express ourselves, organising our thoughts and sharing them with others: expressions, combination and abstraction. This month's code share will cover the first of these, expressions.
Cost: Free / Register on Meetup

8 March - Perl - London W2

Who: London Perl Mongers
What: Social – regular monthly social meeting.
Cost: Free (no registration necessary)

10-11 March - Hackathon - Cardiff

Who: Cardiff School of Computer Science & Informatics
What: Open Sauce Hackathon – hack day, hackathon, code marathon... whatever you call it, come spend the weekend building something cool at the Cardiff University School of Computer Science.
Cost: Free / Register

12 March - Ruby - London EC1V

Who: London Ruby User Group
What: Regular monthly meetup – a change of format this month with a couple of short talks to seed the discussion followed by a Fishbowl session focusing on approaches to TDD.
Cost: Free / Register at Skills Matter

13 March - Ajax - London EC1V

Who: London Ajax User Group
What: User group meeting – "This is Dart", a talk by Chris Buckett will give an introduction to Dart. A second topic is to be announced.
Cost: Free / Register on Meetup and at Skills Matter

14 March - Linux - Reading

Who: Silicon Corridor Linux User Group
What: A regular social evening for Linux users in the Reading area.
Cost: Free (no registration necessary)

14 March - Scala - London EC2R

Who: London Scala Users' Group
What: Talk – "Testing times with Scala : A TDD journey using anti-xml", a talk by Ben Parker.
Cost: Free / Register on Meetup and at Skills Matter

15 March - Scala - London EC2R

Who: London Scala Users' Group
What: LSug Scala coding dojo – a regular coding dojo session run on the third Thursday of every month.
Cost: Free / Register on Meetup

15 March - Ruby - Manchester

Who: North West Ruby User Group
What: Monthly user group meeting – This month the group takes a break from Ruby and learns all about client-side MVC with a talk from Tom Bell on Backbone.js.
Cost: Free

19 March - Groovy & Grails - London

Who: London Groovy & Grails User Group
What: LGGUG user group meetup – details to be announced.
Cost: Free / Register on Meetup and SkillsMatter

20-21 March - FOSS - Oxford

Who: OSS Watch
What: Open Source Junction 3: mobile technologies and the cloud – 2 day workshop on developing cross-platform mobile apps through open development. More information about the event is available on the OSS Watch team blog.
Cost: From free (delegates with email address) to £250 (2 day early bird rate) / Register

20-22 March - LISA - Edinburgh

What: Spring 2012 – FLOSS UK's annual Large Installation Systems Administration (LISA) conference is the UK's only conference aimed specifically at systems and network administrators. As well as the technical talks, the conference provides a friendly environment for delegates to meet. The Spring conference is being held in conjunction with Puppet Camp, which will be on the Friday at the same venue.
Cost: From £75 (student conference rate) to £260 (commercial conference rate) / Register

24 March - Digital rights - London W1B

Who: Open Rights Group
What: ORGCon 2012 – your chance catch up with everything digital rights related. Speakers include Lawrence Lessig, Cory Doctorow, Wendy Seltzer, Ross Anderson and Tom Lowenthal.
Cost: £12.50 (members), £26.00 (non-members) / Register

27 March - Python - Sheffield

Who: Python Sheffield
What: Python Sheffield user group meeting – a regular monthly meeting. This month, learn how to get involved in open source projects by fixing some bugs in IPython, an enhanced interactive Python shell.
Cost: Free / Register

28 March - Hacks/Hackers - London E1

Who: Hacks/Hackers London
What: Hacks and Hackers Meetup – details to be confirmed.
Cost: Free / Register on Meetup

28 March - Identity - London WC2H

Who: OpenID Foundation & Open Identity Exchange
What: OpenID Workshop – a one-day workshop for the owners of consumer web sites and enterprise SaaS services to discuss how to improve login systems by using techniques such as OAuth, OpenID and an Account Chooser. Hosted by Google.
Cost: Free / Register

29 March - Hardware - London WC1X

Who: OSHUG – Open Source Hardware User Group
What: Practical System-on-a-chip – a comprehensive introduction to the practicalities of programming your own open source FPGA system-on-chip.
Cost: Free / Register

29 March - Open education - London N1

Who: Creative Commons
What: ccSalon London 2012 – "Open Education in the Digital Age": this ccSalon will discuss the state of Open Educational Resources and the effect of copyright and other policies on the development of digital tools and content for education.
Cost: Free / Register

Coming in April

11 April - Perl - London WC1R

Who: London Perl Mongers
What: Technical Meeting – Temporally Quaquaversal Virtual Nanomachine Programming In Multiple Topologically Connected Quantum-Relativistic Parallel Spacetimes... Made Easy! Watch in terror as Damian Conway writes a Perl program to extract square roots using nothing but quantum mechanics, general relativity, and the very fabric of the space-time continuum.
Cost: Free / Register

17 April - Jenkins - Paris

Who: CloudBees
What: Jenkins User Conference Paris – the conference focuses on Jenkins Continuous Integration (CI) as the fundamental best practice for enterprise software development. The keynote speaker is Kohsuke Kawaguchi, creator of Hudson (later renamed Jenkins).
Cost: From €50 (Early Bird pricing ends 3 March) to €206 (regular conference pricing) / Register

If you are an event organiser, let The H know about your event by sending us a mail at, or if you Twitter, add the #thehcc tag to your tweeted announcement.

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