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27 May 2011, 12:22

The H Community Calendar – June 2011

Selected events coming up in the UK and elsewhere in June

The H Community Calendar presents the coming month's events in various open source, development, Linux, Unix and other communities, from multi-day conferences to user group get-togethers.

If you are an event organiser, let The H know about your event by sending us a mail at, or if you Twitter, add the #thehcc tag to your tweeted announcement.

Update – New events on 15 June (JBUG) and 25-26 June (Howduino)

Update 2 – New events on 10 June (MySQL), 14-15 June (SmartGov live), 23 June (OSGi), 24 June (Open Rights Group) and 29 June (MySQL)

Update 3 – Registration open for Howduino on 25-26 June, new event on 2 July (Arduino)

Update 4 – New event on 30 June (Public Sector)

Note: Unless stated, events listed take place in the evening.

2 June - PHP - London SE1

Who: PHP London
What: Regular monthly meeting – with a talk by Andy Brockhurst on Varnish at the BBC. Executive committee elections are also being held.
Cost: Free (no registration necessary)

7 June - SilverStripe - London

Who: UK SilverStripe CMS Meetup Group
What: One Suffolk SilverStripe Project Presentation – the One Suffolk Project Lead and the Technical Director from GPMD will talk through the requirements, the previous system and the solution developed in SilverStripe.
Cost: Free / Register on MeetUp

8 June - Linux - Reading

Who: Silicon Corridor Linux User Group
What: A regular social evening for Linux users in the Reading area.
Cost: Free (no registration necessary)

9 June - Open Source - London WC2E

Who: Open Source Specialist Group (OSSG) and the Young Professionals Group (YPG)
What: Open Source knowledge/skills gaps across HM Government part 2 – discussing the skills required to build Content Management Systems (CMS).
Cost: Free / Pre-register via email to Mark Elkins

NEW 10 June - MySQL - Cambridge

Who: Oracle / MySQL events
What: Scalability and High Availability with MySQL – a seminar explaining the enhanced features introduced in MySQL 5.5 and also covering the new features expected in the upcoming MySQL 5.6 release.
Note: this event takes place in the morning.
Cost: Free / Register

12 June - Ajax - London EC1V

Who: London Ajax User Group
What: User group meeting – with talk on "Beyond Node.js".
Cost: Free / Pre-register

13 June - Ruby - London EC1V

Who: London Ruby User Group
What: Regular monthly meetup – with 5 or 6 speakers doing 10 minute talks on a Ruby gem they've written.
Cost: Free / Pre-register

NEW 14-15 June - Public sector - ExCEL London E16

Who: SmartGov live
What: Open Source Consortium at SmartGov live 2011 - a conference on IT in the public sector including a seminar on "Open Standards and Open Source Software: Crucial for Government IT in a Big Society".
Cost: Free / Register

14 June - Ajax - London EC1V

Who: London Ajax User Group
What: User group meeting – with a talk by Andrew Betts on "Saving the world with regular expressions".
Cost: Free / Pre-register

15 June - R - London E1

Who: LondonR
What: LondonR meeting – with presentations on "Compressive Sampling with R", "Interfacing an existing software library to R" and "Building flexibility into R code".
Cost: Free / Register via email

NEW 15 June - JBoss - London NW1

Who: JBoss User Group
What: JBUG meetup – Red Hat's Dr Mark Little will talk about JBoss Everywhere and Matt Brasier will delve into the new architecture coming with JBoss 7.
Cost: Free / Register

15-16 June - Scala - London EC1V

Who: Skills Matter
What: Scala eXchange – the first annual Scala eXchange, a 2-day conference providing both high level presentations and low level follow-up tutorials/design discussions.
Cost: £195 +VAT / Register

16 June - Scala - London EC2R

Who: London Scala Users' Group
What: LSug Scala coding dojo – a regular coding dojo session run on every third Thursday of the month.
Note: the date may change because it is on the same date as the Scala eXchange above..
Cost: Free / Pre-register

20 June - Groovy & Grails - London

Who: London Groovy & Grails User Group
What: LGGUG user group meetup – featuring two talks including an exclusive talk from Szczepan Faber.
Cost: Free / Pre-register

21 June - Processing - London SE15

Who: Processing User Group
What: Processing User Meetup – regular monthly meeting for anyone with an interest in Processing to exchange tips and ideas.
Cost: Free

21-22 June - Accessibility - Birmingham

Who: DevCSI and Fullmeasure
What: Accessibility Hackdays – a two day workshop bringing developers, accessibility (a11y) users and experts together to hack on ideas, prototypes and mashups, while exploring the challenges in providing usable accessibility.
Cost: Free/ Pre-register

23 June - Hacker News - London EC1V

Who: Hacker News
What: Hacker News meetup – demos and presentations followed by beer.
Cost: Free / Pre-register

23 June - Hardware - Canterbury

What: OSHUG goes to Canterbury – discussions on "Open source hardware collaboration", "Building open, communicating communities" and "Adventures in working with surface mount devices" at the University of Kent.
Cost: Free / Pre-register

23 June - SilverStripe - London

Who: UK SilverStripe CMS Meetup Group
What: Silvercart Demonstration – Pixeltricks are coming over from Germany to demonstrate their new Silvercart e-commerce module for SilverStripe.
Cost: Free / register on MeetUp

23 June - MeeGo - Birmingham

Who: MeeGoExperts
What: MeeGoExperts Birmingham UK MeeGo meetup – planned topics include "Getting started with augmented reality on Meego", "Creating a MeeGo Interface", "MeeGo in Action" and "AppUp for MeeGo".
Cost: Free / Pre-register on Meetup

NEW 23 June - OSGi - London EC1V

Who: OSGi Users' Forum UK
What: OSGi Users' Forum UK – OSGi Development Tooling Panel. Members can attend in person, non-members may attend remotely via Ustream.
Cost: Free / Register

NEW 24 June - Rights - London E1

Who: Open Rights Group
What: ORG (Re)connect – a geeky, informative meeting to learn about what the Open Rights Group does and how people can get involved.
Cost: Free / Register

NEW 25-26 June - Arduino - Lancaster

Who: Howduino
What: Howduino Lancaster – a free-form and hands-on session for people to play around with connecting bits of hardware together and hooking them up to Arduino boards and computers. This is a daytime event starting at 10:30am.
Cost: Free / Register

NEW 29 June - MySQL - London

Who: Oracle / MySQL events
What: High Availability Solutions for MySQL – a seminar reviewing the various options and technologies at your disposal to implement highly available & highly scalable MySQL infrastructures, as well as best practices in terms of architectures.
Note: this event takes place during the day.
Cost: Free / Register

NEW 30 June - Public Sector - London WC2E

Who: Open Source Specialist Group (OSSG) and TDM Open Source Services
What: Investigating Open Approaches to Education and Training in the Public Sector – looking at the relevance of open source software and open data standards, and the importance of building open educational resources and other open content approaches.
Cost: Free / Pre-register via email to Mark Elkins

Coming in July

NEW 2 July - Arduino - Manchester

Who: Omniversity of Manchester
What: Building the Internet of Things - Arduino and Ethernet – with the addition of an Ethernet shield, Arduino boards make an excellent platform on which to explore the Internet of Things.
Note: this event takes place during the day.
Cost: £132.00 / Register

Later in the Year

6-9 October - BSD - Maarssen, The Netherlands

Who: EuroBSDCon
What: EuroBSDcon 2011 – This year marks the 10th anniversary of EuroBSDCon, the technical conference for people working on and with 4.4BSD based operating systems and related projects. The two-day conference (8-9 Oct) will be preceded by two days of tutorials (6-7 Oct).
Cost: not yet announced

If you are an event organiser, let The H know about your event by sending us a mail at, or if you Twitter, add the #thehcc tag to your tweeted announcement.

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