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30 November 2011, 15:06

Kernel Log Penguin Linux Kernel 3.2 Tracking

Linux 3.2 has now been released. For details, read "What's new in Linux 3.2".

Previous coverage of the development of Linux 3.2 is listed below:

  • Kernel Log: Coming in 3.2 (Part 1) - Networking
    The TCP stack is now faster at adapting the data transmission rate to the available line capacity. The drivers for Wi-Fi components by Atheros and Broadcom have matured considerably; other drivers will support more LAN and Wi-Fi hardware in 3.2 than they did before.
  • Kenrel Log: Coming in 3.2 (Part 2) - Filesystems
    A number of changes to Btrfs mean that filesystem structures will not be as prone to corruption in case of system crashes. By bundling blocks into clusters, Ext4 should be a lot faster in some scenarios. CIFS also promises speed gains.
  • Kernel Log: Coming in 3.2 (Part 3) - Architecture
    Optimised assembler code paths accelerate SHA1 and speed up the Blowfish and Twofish encryption algorithms. The next scheduled Linux kernel release also avoids a cache problem found in AMD's latest processors and includes new and extended drivers for Intel CPUs.
  • Kernel Log: Coming in 3.2 (Part 5) - Drivers
    Kernel version 3.2, expected around New Year, improves support for multitouch touchpads. It also enhances support for modern NVIDIA graphics chips and offers a range of new and improved drivers for DVB hardware.
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