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31 May 2013, 16:20

Kernel Log Penguin Linux Kernel 3.10 Tracking

Linux 3.10 has now been released. For details, read "What's new in Linux 3.10".

Previous coverage of the development of Linux 3.10 is listed below:

  • Feature set of Linux 3.10 defined
    Expected to arrive in late June or early July, Linux 3.10 will include the bcache SSD caching framework and support for the video accelerators of many Radeon HD cards. Linux will also be able to reduce the overhead that is created by the timer interrupt.
  • Kernel Log: Coming in 3.10 (Part 1) – Networking
    Linux 3.10 sees improvements in the way lost packets at the end of TCP transactions are handled, speeding up HTTP data transfer. It also sees the addition of support for VLAN stacking and Realtek's RTL8188EE wireless chip.
  • Kernel Log: Coming in 3.10 (Part 3) – Infrastructure
    Kernel developers have toned down an over-eager feature for protecting against the Samsung UEFI bug and added a function for reducing timer interrupt overhead. Improvements have also been made to Hyper-V support and instructions for reporting error.
  • Kernel Log: Coming in 3.10 (Part 4) – Drivers
    Linux 3.10 will be able to use the video acceleration features offered by Radeon graphics cores. Systems with Intel graphics will wake from standby faster. Linux now has an input device driver for Apple's infrared receiver.

Information about previous Linux kernel releases can be found in The H's Linux Kernel History.

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