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07 July 2011, 15:15

Linux Kernel 3.0 Tracking

KL Penguin Linux Kernel 3.0 has now been released. For details, read "What's new in Linux 3.0".

Previous coverage of the development of Linux 3.0 is listed below:

  • Kernel Log: Hardware and "3.0" difficulties
    The two-figure version numbers are still creating quite a bit of hassle that the developers are working hard to overcome. Inaccurate work by hardware manufacturers causes problems with rebooting and with the handling of UEFI hardware. The maintenance of kernel series 2.6.38 is soon to be discontinued.
  • Kernel Log: Coming in 3.0 (Part 1)
    A Just-in-Time compiler promises to provide fast network packet filtering. The Wi-Fi stack now supports the Wake-on-Wireless-LAN standard, and unprivileged users are allowed to "ping". New and improved drivers enhance the kernel's support of network components by Ralink and Realtek.
  • Kernel Log: Coming in 3.0 (Part 2)
    The kernel hackers have optimised the Btrfs code and extended it to include new functions; a substantially improved tool for testing the experimental filesystem is soon to be released. Ext4 now supports the "punch hole" technology for deallocating unused memory areas within a file.
  • Kernel Log: Coming in 3.0 (Part 3)
    Six years later than originally expected, the kernel now contains all the essential components for Xen Dom0 operation. In Linux 3.0, the developers are tackling various problems in the ARM code, reboot code and UEFI code; however, Torvalds has slightly disappointedly given up on the code size optimisations.
  • Kernel Log: Coming in 3.0 (Part 4)
    Along with better support for new chipsets and graphics cores from AMD and Intel, not to mention drivers for Microsoft's Kinect and DVB-T2, Linux 3.0 once again offers a number of workarounds for a wide range of hardware problems.

Older Kernel Logs can be found by using the search function at The H Open Source. Information about previous Linux kernel releases can be found on the The H's Linux Kernel History page. New editions of Kernel Logs are also mentioned on and Twitter via "@kernellog2". The Kernel Log author also posts updates about various topics on and Twitter via "@kernellogauthor".

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