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23 September 2010, 18:22

Linux Kernel 2.6.36 Tracking

Below is a list of The H's coverage of the development of the Linux 2.6.36 Kernel

  • Coming in 2.6.36 (Part 1) - Graphics
    Various changes improve the performance and functionality of drivers for graphics chips in the latest Intel mobile processors. Nouveau now supports the Fermi chips used on recent GeForce graphics cards. The Radeon driver in 2.6.36 adds support for underscan, HyperZ and tiling. Extensions for the KDB debugger and Intel's KMS driver allow new debugging functionality.
  • Coming in 2.6.36 (Part 2) - File systems, networking and storage
    2.6.36 offers VFS optimisations, has returned to integrating Ext3 file systems with "data=ordered" by default and can store data from shared Windows or Samba disks in local cache to improve performance. Numerous new and improved drivers enhance the kernel's storage and network hardware support.
  • Coming in 2.6.36 (Part 3) - Architecture & Infrastructure
    AppArmor, entry points for on-access virus scanners, a rewritten Out-of-Memory (OOM) killer, as well as basic support of Xen-Dom0 code, are among the most important advancements of version 2.6.36 of the Linux kernel. Due to various restructuring measures, this version will be slightly smaller than the previous version despite several hundred thousand new lines of code.
  • Coming in 2.6.36 (Part 4) - Drivers
    Drivers in 2.6.36 include considerably improved support for Infra-red receivers and remotes, optimised USB drivers, and a solution for a much discussed problem that Android developers, in one way or another, had solved long ago.
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