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21 December 2009, 10:18

Kernel Log Penguin

Linux Kernel 2.6.33 tracking

Linux Kernel 2.6.33 has now been released. For full details, read "What's new in Linux 2.6.33".

Previous coverage of the development of 2.6.33 is listed below:

  • Kernel Log: New stable kernels, 2.6.33 with DRBD and RT2800PCI
    Kernel versions, and offer minor improvements and correct several bugs – including one security hole. Torvalds has already incorporated more than 5,000 changes for Linux 2.6.33. Its merge window will probably be open for just over another week. Various developers are working on significant improvements to the open source Radeon graphics drivers.
  • Kernel Log: Linux 2.6.33 enters test phase
    With the end of the next kernel version's main development phase, the most important new features of Linux 2.6.33 have been determined: DRBD, Nouveau, support of the Trim ATA command and a bandwidth controller for block devices. The developers have also improved the Radeon drivers and the support of Intel Wi-Fi chips. Furthermore, new stable kernels fix a vulnerability in the code of Ext4, but will shortly be superseded by even more current versions.
  • Kernel Log: Coming in 2.6.33 (Part 1) - Networking
    Linux 2.6.33 will have new and improved drivers for Wi-Fi chips by Intel, Ralink and Realtek. Several drivers for old Wi-Fi hardware have been moved to the staging area and will probably soon be discarded. New additions include various LAN chip drivers and several improvements to the network stack.
  • Kernel Log: Long-term maintenance for 2.6.32, util-linux-ng extended
    Linux 2.6.32 is to be maintained for 2 to 3 years within the stable series – the maintenance of 2.6.27, however, will probably soon be discontinued or at least downscaled considerably. The util-linux-ng tool collection now contains three additional programs; fdisk provides optimised partitioning. The configuration of X Server has become more flexible and now HAL is no longer needed.
  • Kernel Log: Coming in 2.6.33 (Part 2) - Storage
    Extended discard support means that Linux now supports ATA TRIM, which can increase SSD lifespan and throughput. New additions to the Linux kernel include HA solution DRBD and drivers for HP, LSI and VMware storage hardware. The new kernel version, expected in early March, also includes many minor improvements to the code for the Btrfs, Ext4 and ReiserFS file systems.
  • Kernel Log: Open source drivers for new Radeon graphics chips
    The and kernel developers are working on drivers to support the DirectX 11 graphics cards in AMD's Radeon HD 5000 series. While the proprietary AMD drivers have been supported for some time, not even the latest, recently released version co-operates with X Server 1.7, which has already been available for several months. The kernel developers have released numerous new stable kernels and are discussing the integration of utrace in great detail.
  • Kernel Log: Coming in 2.6.33 (Part 3) - Graphics
    The next version of Linux is not only the first to offer the Nouveau KMS graphics driver for NVIDIA graphics hardware, it also comes with a multitude of improvements for the two AMD/ATI and Intel graphics drivers which support Kernel-based Mode Setting (KMS).
  • Kernel Log: Coming in 2.6.33 (Part 4) - Architecture and virtualisation
    Several changes to the X86 and KVM code are to make the kernel's own hypervisor work faster. The kernel developers once again revised and considerably extended the still emerging tracing infrastructure. The Power and PowerPC code now also supports the Gamecube and Wii games consoles.
  • Kernel Log: Coming in 2.6.33 (Part 5) - Drivers
    Enhancements to the ALSA code for HD audio codecs, a V4L/DVB driver for the Mantis TV chip, drivers for MSI laptops and drivers for newer AMD CPUs are just some of the improvements to Linux hardware support. Android drivers have now been escorted from the staging area, while Ramzswap (formerly Compcache) framework for compressing RAM has been added
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