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In Brief

  • Linus Torvalds joked that he wants to call kernel 3.11 "Linux for Workgroups." Darrick J. Wong is apparently also thinking along the same lines; this weekend he proposed a new logo for Linux 3.1 that is reminiscent of Windows 3.1.
    Zoom Darrick J. Wong's proposed logo for Linux 3.1

  • RCU maintainer Paul E. McKenney has updated his parallel programming book.
Support for graphics hardware
  • In a four-part blog series (1, 2, 3, 4), X developer Peter Hutterer describes the changes in X Input Extension version (XI) 2.1, which is currently being prepared. It does not yet contain the Multitouch Protocol Specification, which is to be added in XI 2.2.
  • Hutterer has also published version 1.5 of the Synaptics touchpad driver. In a blog post, he explains how you can change Synaptics scroll directions so that scrolling works like the "natural scrolling" in Mac OS X.
  • Martin Peres' is looking for testers for patches for the Nouveau driver that enable it to control the fan on GeForce graphics cards via PWM. A lack of fan control is one of the biggest drawbacks in the open source driver for NVIDIA graphics hardware. Peres has also indicated that he is working on improving Nouveau's power saving function.
  • Along with work on a new driver generation that will be called "285", NVIDIA recently published the 275.28 driver for x86-32/ix86 and x86-64/x64 systems. The main change is support for the recently released X server 1.11.
Kernel plumbing layer, userland drivers, developer tools
  • Johannes Berg has published version 3.1 of iw, the Nl80211 configuration tool.
  • Git developers are conducting a survey to learn more about git users and fields of application for the source code versioning system; background information is provided at a web site on a wiki that is currently not reachable.
  • Karel Zak has published version 2.20 of the util-linux tool collection. Among other things, it contains a completely rewritten dmesg that filters content and compiles warn-level numbers into readable labels. Mountpoint is a new program on board, and lsblk provides additional information.
LKML discussions
  • Kent Overstreet has released a new version of bcache for discussion. Like Flashcache, which was created by Facebook developers, it can include an SSD as cache for a slower disk.
  • Microsoft developers K. Y. Srinivasan and Greg Kroah-Hartman recently discussed the changes that still need to be made to Hyper-V drivers so they can leave the staging area.

Further background information about the developments in the Linux kernel area can be found using the search function at The H Open Source. New editions of Kernel Logs are also mentioned on and Twitter by "@kernellog2". The Kernel Log author also posts updates about various topics on and Twitter as "@kernellogauthor".

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