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X Server environment

  • Peter Hutterer has provided a release candidate of the Synaptics 1.3 driver. In this version, the touch pad driver automatically launches the two-finger scroll emulation if a valid width is reported by the kernel driver.
  • Martin-Éric Racine has released version 2.11.9 of the graphics driver for Geode processors used, for instance, in some OLPC computers. These are the first results of the renewed commitment on the part of AMD.

Kernel environment ("plumbing layer"), userland drivers, developer tools, ...

  • On his blog, Lennart Poettering recently gave a status update about the development of the SysV-init and Upstart alternative systemd. In a second blog post he explains how to check the start and status of services when using systemd.
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman has released version 0.90 of the usbutils.
  • The developers of the gPhoto project have made version 2.4.10 of the libgphoto2 library, which is used for reading many digital cameras, available to download. The new version offers a range of minor improvements for cameras and PTP devices by various manufacturers.
  • Junio C Hamano has released Git
  • Kay Sievers has released Udev 161, which mainly provides bug fixes and minor improvements.
  • The developers of Gutenprint, which used to be called GIMP-Print, have released version 5.2.6 of their printer driver collection. Among other things, the new version supports various Epson Stylus Pro models and Canon ink jet printers and contains an extended PCL driver.
  • The recently released version 4.0.5 of Foomatic, a filter used for printer configuration in many Linux distributions, also mainly offers minor corrections and improvements.

Older Kernel Logs can be found in the archives or by using the search function at The H Open Source. New editions of Kernel Logs are also mentioned on and Twitter via "@kernellog2". The Kernel Log author also posts updates about various topics on and Twitter via "@kernellogauthor".


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