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  • A certain Linus Torvalds has appeared on the recently launched Google Plus service. While there are many indications that the account is authentic, there is, of course, no certain way of telling whether it really is Torvalds…
  • Christoph Hellwig has released the "XFS Status Update" for June 2011.
  • In a blog posting, Suse developer Michal Marek describes various improvements to libzypp; from OpenSuse 12.1, these changes will reportedly allow developers to determine which of the old kernels will be removed after a kernel update.

Graphics hardware support

  • NVIDIA has released version 275.19 of its proprietary Linux graphics drivers (x86-32, x86-64); the new version fixes various bugs and supports the GeForce GT 540M. NVIDIA has also released the 280.04 beta drivers that offer "preliminary" support for X Server 1.11, which is still in development.
  • Jeremy Huddleston has released X Server 1.10.3 to fix various bugs.

Kernel environment ("plumbing layer"), userland drivers, developer tools, etc

  • Hand de Goede has released the first "official" version of usbredir, which allows individual USB devices to be passed through to other systems – such as virtual machines. With this version 0.3, the current USB Redirection Protocol API has been frozen, but extensions will still be possible.
  • Lennart Poettering has submitted for discussion various patches that extend the X Server's multi-seat support; these improvements are based on functions included in systemd from version 30 to support systems with multiple active users.
  • In part 9 of his "Systemd for Administrators" blog series, Poettering describes problems that exist when configuring systems via files in the /etc/sysconfig (Red Hat, SUSE, ...) and /etc/default (Debian) directories; in this context, the developer discusses some solutions he considers superior. Part 2 of the "Systemd for Developers" series explains the socket activation concept in more detail, using Cups as an example.
  • On his blog, David Zeuthen has released a five-part article series titled "Writing a C library" (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).
  • The libvirt developers have released version 0.9.3 of their library for accessing different virtualisation solutions.
  • With the recently released version 1.5.0, the libgcrypt, which is accessed by such programs as GnuPG, has learnt to use the AES NI instructions of recent Intel processors.
  • Stephen Hemminger has released version 2.6.39 of the iproute2 collection of network tools.
  • Version 4.6.1 of the GCC has been released.
  • The KVM blog describes various characteristics of the QED (Qemu Enhanced Disk Format) file system, which is still in development.

LKML discussions

  • Nao Nishijima has submitted revised versions of his patches that allow storage media to be given aliases that won't change after a reboot or hardware modification. The approach continues to be controversial; had described the problems with an earlier patch series in an article.
  • Nancy Yuen has submitted various BadRAM implementations used by Google to the LKML. Several developers had expressed their interest in these patches after Google developers had criticised that Stefan Assmann's BadRAM patches, mentioned in the previous Kernel Log, are not flexible enough for Google's purposes.

New editions of Kernel Logs are also mentioned on and Twitter by @kernellog2. The Kernel Log author also posts updates about various topics on and Twitter as @kernellogauthor.

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