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Audio and Video

The snd-ctxfi audio driver now supports the Creative Titanium HD. From 3.1, the HDA-codec driver supports the series CS421x Cirrus Logic codecs and the Creative CA0132. In his main Git-pull request, subsystem maintainer Takashi Iwai highlights further new sound driver features; these include major restructuring measures to two codec drivers.

The media subsystem with its drivers for remote controls and for DVB, radio and video hardware has been extended to include drivers for the Micronas DRX-K DVB-C/T demodulator and the TDA18271C2 tuner (for example 1, 2, 3, 4). Another kernel addition is the Ddbridge driver, which supports video hardware with Ddbridge components by Digital Devices – such as the Octopus, Octopus mini, Octopus LE and cineS2(v6) with DuoFlex S2 and/or DuoFlex CT Tuner (1, 2, 3).

Also new is the ir-mce_kbd-decoder driver that allows the Windows Media Center edition of the Microsoft Remote Keyboard to be used with a normal IR receiver.


Greg Kroah-Hartman has thrown out the Westbridge and Msm staging drivers, as well as various TTY and serial drivers, because nobody has looked after them (1, 2, 3, 4). The graphics driver for Intel's GMA500 graphics core, which is located in the area for code of insufficient quality, was extended to support the Medfield platform, but it will remain a staging driver in 3.1 – however, the developers have considerably shortened their to-do list.

Consequences of the intrusion

Following the intrusion at, the administrators have been doing maintenance; as a consequence, the Git repository with the kernel sources and its web front end, which can usually be found there, have been unavailable. Many of the links in this article therefore point to Github, where Linus Torvalds is temporarily developing Linux until is back in operation.

Several improvements for Microsoft's Hyper-V drivers missed the 3.1 merge window, so there will probably be another flurry of changes in 3.2. These and earlier development efforts have fixed many of the quality issues; the developers have recently discussed the work that still needs doing before the drivers can move from the staging area to the relevant subsystems.

In brief

  • The kernel developers have extended the input subsystem to include a "Wiimote" driver for Human Interface Devices (HIDs); the driver allows Wiimote controllers for the Nintendo Wii that were previously implemented as remote controls to be used as regular input devices (for example 1, 2).
  • The driver for the ideapad platform now offers brightness controls. A new driver makes brightness adjustment possible on the Samsung Q10 and related notebooks such as the Dell Latitude X200.

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