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Additional drivers

Version 2.6.35 provides the Linux kernel with the i7core_edac driver, which adds support for EDAC (Error Detection And Correction) for Intel‘s Nehalem processors – in other words, processors like the Core i7 and Xeon CPUs from the 35xx and 55xx series. Jean Delvare emphasises in his Gut-Pull-Request support for the new MacBook Pro models and monitoring chips for various manufacturers are among the improvements to the Hwmon subsystem.

Furthermore, a number of new drivers, including a driver for the Roccat Kone Gaming Mouse and several for multi-touch hardware, have been added to the input subsystem. The "Minor gems" at the end of the article also include a number of changes to drivers for notebooks; for instance, a number of minor changes were made to the drivers for IBM / Lenovo's ThinkPads. For Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) with x86 processors, the kernel now has a driver for IPC (Inter Processor Communications) with the SCU (Snoop Control Unit).

Minor gems

Many further minor, but by no means insignificant, changes can be found in the list below, which contains the commit headers referring to the respective change. Like many of the references in the text above, the links point to the relevant commit in the web front end of the Git branch for the "official" kernel sources maintained by Linus Torvalds at The commit comments available at these links and the patches themselves provide extensive further information on the respective changes.

Every link is preceded by various letters and numbers in square brackets. The letter "C" identifies patches that modify Kconfig files, which contain the help texts and configuration options displayed by "make menuconfig", "make xconfig" and similar tools during kernel configuration. "D" is used for patches that modify the documentation available under Documentation/ in the kernel branch. "N" identifies changes which create a new file. The numbers provide a rough idea of the patch size: For instance, "1" is used for changes between 10 and 20 KBytes including comment, "2" for patches between 20 and 30 KBytes; changes without a number are less than 10 KBytes, while patches marked "9" are 90 KBytes or more.









Various other drivers

For other articles on 2.6.35 and links to the rest of the "Coming in 2.6.35" series, see The H's Kernel Log - 2.6.35 Tracking page. New editions of Kernel Logs are also mentioned on and Twitter via "@kernellog2". The Kernel Log author also posts updates about various topics on and Twitter via "@kernellogauthor".

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