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Crisper charts

Calc's "Chart" feature has been given a makeover as well. If data points are missing in a chart, users can now decide how Chart is to handle the missing data. You can choose to continue the line through the missing value, leave a gap, or assume zero. To do this, double click to open the chart, right click on the data line and open the "Data Series" dialogue from the "Object Properties" context menu. Use the "Options" tab to define how missing values are to be handled.

At the request of numerous educational institutions, chart axes can now be positioned more flexibly, and users can decide at which point the axes are to intersect. This improves the positioning of charts in coordinate systems.

Database macros

Base database documents can now save OpenOffice macros; these are subsequently available in all of the Base components including forms, reports, tables and queries. OpenOffice recommends that every Base developer read the wiki page concerning the implementations of macros.

Syntax highlighting in the SQL editor of OpenOffice can now be adjusted as required in the options dialogue under "".


A lot has happened behind the OpenOffice scenes, and, technically speaking, most of it works well. Especially the anti-aliasing feature and the improved performance in Calc stand out and would be worth an update alone. The new charting functions and the added anti-aliasing have also noticeably improved the chart feature of OpenOffice. Developers are sure to benefit from the custom document property fields and the new Base features – these improvements are probably less important to end users.

We were less impressed by the new highlighting in Writer and the User Feedback Program. While the highlighting feature seems a good idea at first, it is a pity that users are unable to configure highlighting colours and transparencies in

Information about the collected data is available via the button in the bottom left corner
Zoom Information about the collected data is available via the button in the bottom left corner

While the new User Feedback Program of OpenOffice is technically sound, it still lacks detail. For example, it only informs users that their data is sent "to an server" – where this server is and who exactly has access to the data is not mentioned. The info button in the bottom left corner linking to the corresponding wiki page – currently only available in English - is very discreet. Implementation could have been better: Users should be able to find comprehensive information or at least a clearly visible link to a wiki page in their respective first language right next to where they decide whether to take part in the User Feedback Program.

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